You may know her as Saváge, but her birth name is Marcherie J. Savage. She is a Chattanooga TN native currently residing in Nashville TN to finish her communications degree at Tennessee State University . Saváge has been creating, performing, and recording music since the age of 11 years old. She was in many groups and she recorded and wrote many songs until 2015 when she decided to become a solo artist. Her debut EP TWO HEARTS released exclusively on Soundcloud on Dec 1st 2016 (her birthday) and received over 1k streams it’s first week. Since then Saváge has went from doing free shows in Chattanooga and Nashville TN to paid gigs performing some of her newest singles Ghetto Fabulous, Nasty Woman, and RED RARI all of which are available on iTunes, apple music, spotify and so on.

Many ask what’s her genre because it feels like a mix of Hip Hop and R&B and honestly that’s pretty much what it is. Having marched in the band up to collegiate level her heart grew fond of many types of music from classical to Karen Clark Sheard to Frankie Beverly and Maze, to todays hottest artists. Thus her sound can be mature on a deep subject or catchy with a crazy bass line keeping you hype. When it all boils down her releases depend on a combination of the direction in which her life is and what the fans what from her. From there she creates.

Her latest single Wolfe Releases October the 11th 2018 and is expected to be her biggest release yet. This song has a catchy hook, and confident vibe that reminds the listeners she isn’t a chump. She’s put in work to get to where she is today, and everyone should expect to see more greatness in the near future. Click on some of the reviews to see what the blogs are saying about her music.